Grilled Lobster Tail with Tarragon, Sage & Lemon

by St. Supery on June 15, 2010

June 15th is National Lobster Day in Canada.  It’s a great day to live north of the border but not a good day to be a crustacean.  Little lobsters are running for their lives everywhere as Canadians sit down to enjoy a culinary creation featuring the succulent New England treat.  Here at St. Supéry, we usually don’t need a reason to open up some Virtu, but if there ever was a good reason, this one is it.  Our blend of Sauvignon Blanc and barrel fermented Semillion goes with so many foods but paired with lobster it’s a sublime experience.

Here’s a healthy summertime preparation for lobster to cook on the grill.  Instead of butter, the mixture of olive oil, lemon zest and herbs provides all the flavor without the need for defibrillators afterward.  Enjoy no matter which side of the border you live on!  Cheers.

8 frozen lobster tails
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil
juice from 1 lemon
1-1/2 TSP lemon zest (one lemon)
1 TSP chopped sage leaves
1 TBSP minced fresh tarragon leaves
2 green onions sliced thin lengthvwise
1/2 TSP salt
1/4 TSP white pepper

Using a sharp knife, cut lobster tails length wise.
In a medium bowl, mix togehter 8 TBSP olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, sage, tarragon, salt and pepper.

Preheat grill to medium heat.

Brush lobster tails with other 2 TBSP olive oil and lightly season with salt and pepper. Place tails cut side down on the grill and cook for 3 minutes on medium heat. Roll tails onto one side and cook for another 2 minutes. Roll tails on other side and cook for another 2 minutes. Roll tails one final time so the cut side is now facing up and cook for 3 minutes. During these last 3 minutes spoon olive oil mixture into open cuts getting the mix in where the lobster meat is. Serve with more of the sauce drizzled over shells. Use the long thin green onion strands to make X’s on top of the shells when serving.

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