Introducing the Skalli Family, part 1: Family

by St. Supery on June 22, 2010

St. Supéry was founded and is owned by the Skalli family of Southern France.  We’ll be sharing the family time line through a series of blog posts. The Skalli family has been driven by a passion for vines and wine, understanding and working with the land and creating new wines for three generations.  Many of the family’s values have been passed through the generations and are still in practice today at St. Supéry.  Today’s blog post is about family…

Family, a source of Mediterranean warmth and humanity, of cohesion and support: the family guarantees the transmission and enriching of ancestral tradition and know-how. Sharing a love of wine, the sensations and emotion that wine can communicate are exceptional, as is the joy of sharing this pleasure independently of boundaries and borders.

A pioneering and conquering spirit, this is a common trait communicated through three generations of entrepreneurs: it is the source of our dedication to working with and understanding the land and creating contemporary wines, as the example of the creation of the first French varietal wines shows quite eloquently. Deep attachment to our regions of production, unshakeable belief in the regions in which we are present: Corsica, the Languedoc, the Rhone Valley and Provence in the south of France and Napa Valley in California. Permanent contact with consumers the world over, resulting in good, authentic wines which offer a combination of quality, accessibility and modernity.

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