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by St. Supery on August 18, 2010

The Napa Valley has some great wines but there’s so much more to the valley. We asked some of our employees what they thought were places not to be missed on your jaunt to wine country and here is the list:

Try a few or try them all – Our suggestions for Napa Valley
Best burger: Taylor’s Refresher, St. Helena & Red Rock Café in Napa
Best duck burger: Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, St. Helena
Best local brewery: Silverado Brewing Company, Hwy 29, St. Helena
Best beer store: Nicola’s Deli, Calistoga
Best place to shop for wedding presents: Vanderbilt, St. Helena
Best children’s clothing: Freckles in St. Helena
Best shoes: Footcandy, St. Helena
Best fudge: Candy Cellar, Calistoga
Best macaroons: Model Bakery, St. Helena
Best hair salon: Lefever, St. Helena
Best cinema: Cameo, St. Helena
Best late-night gathering & dining: Bouchon, Yountville
Best vintage clothing: Lolo’s, St. Helena and Napa & Betty’s Girl in Napa
Best home furnishings/trinkets: M on Main Street, St. Helena
Best stationery: Pennyweight, St. Helena
Best gift store: Toss and Pennaluna, St. Helena
Best kitchen supply store: Shackford’s, Napa
Best place to start your own vineyard: Herrick Grapevines, St. Helena
Best place to rent a Harley: Nieman’s motorcycle rentals, St. Helena
Best place to sit & read with a cup of coffee: Sweetie Pies, Napa & Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company, St. Helena
Best ribs: Red Rock Café in Napa & Buster’s in Calistoga
Best place to buy fresh caviar: Dean & Deluca, St. Helena
Best sandwich: Guigni’s (pronounced joonies), St. Helena & Genova Deli on Trancas in Napa
Best quesadilla: Azteca Market, St. Helena
Best burrito: (authentic) La Luna Market, Rutherford; (gringo/gourmet) Villa Corona, St. Helena and Napa
Best fish taco: La Taquiza, Napa
Best pizza: Pizzeria Tra Vigne, St. Helena
Best French fries: Bistro Jeanty (duck fat), Yountville & Taylor’s Refresher (sweet potato with aioli) in St. Helena
Best live music/dancing: Hydro Bar, Calistoga
Best pool hall & draft beer selection: Bilco’s in Napa
Best dive bars:
–Yountville: Panchas on Washington
–St. Helena: Ana’s Cantina on Main St.
–Calistoga: Suzie’s on Lincoln
Best riverside dining patio: Angèle, Napa
Best hot springs-fed swimming pool: Indian Springs in Calistoga
Best place to see a live crush in action: St. Supery Winery, Rutherford (shameless self-endorsement)

  • St. Supery

    Thanks Josh. We’ll check it out. It just so happens that a favorite pairing is found right next door: Round Table combination pizza and Elu.

  • St. Supery

    Hi Barbara, the duck burger is ground duck. Quite yummy. Yes, the convenience of the duck burger and duck fat fries in one place would be dandy but this list is like a scavenger hunt and makes for a mini adventure in wine country. Cheers!

  • Barbara l VinoLuciStyle

    I'm glad I have this list of Best Of's B4 I visit…but of course now the need to make it to your neck of the woods is calling even stronger. Too bad Best Duck Burger (not even sure what that is. Duck? Or beef burger with Duck Fat) is not at same place as Best Duck Fries!

  • Josh

    Tacos Michoacan in Napa (2 trucks one is on soscol, one is on trancas, and 1 sit down across from Walmart by the round table). Has vastly superior burritos to La Luna.

  • Stemware Store

    Sharing this one on our fan page on FB and via twitter (“stemwarestore” in both places). Very cool list…there are definitely some spots that I want to check out the next time we're in Napa.

  • St. Supery Rocks

    Thanks for this list. Some of these are also our best reviews.

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