Impress friends, cook like a rock star, drink great wine!

by St. Supery on December 7, 2010

Do you love great parties? Do you yearn for great wine? Do you live for making new recipes from top chefs with which to wow and impress your friends and family? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then St. Supéry’s wine club just might be for you. Sold already?

The first question is an easy one. I mean, who doesn’t love a great party? OK, there might be a few out there, but they certainly wouldn’t be reading a blog from a winery. You, my friend, are here, reading this right now because you either a) love wine parties or b) you are bored at work and found this page randomly. But it doesn’t matter. Well, it might matter if you get caught, but that’s not really the point. The point that I am laboring to make is that if you join our wine club, you can attend exclusive, member’s only events that include eating lobster with our Dollarhide Sauvignon Blanc, watching a baseball game from a luxury box, or yachting on the San Francisco bay while a private chef makes your lunch. Yes, I said yachting; bring your deck shoes, Mumsie!

I will admit that perhaps “yearn” was a bit too strong of a word to describe a wine lover’s desire for great wine. “Yearn” is better left to describe one’s struggles to find love or acceptance—or the end of reality TV shows. But I digress. Readers of St. Supéry’s blog already know what many still don’t, but probably want to; we make award-winning, estate-grown wines from Napa Valley with a laser-beam-esque focus on Bordeaux varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, etc.) and blends. If you join our wine club, we will send you two bottles of our stunning wines, 6 times a year, from a selection of pre-release, library or winery exclusive wines…and we will even do it at 20% off. Come on.

And finally it probably goes without saying that wine nerds like us are also food nerds, too, and love to wield our skills in the kitchen over our “culinarily” weaker brethren. Join us, and I say more power to you. Crush them all with your braising skills! When you join our wine club, we will do everything we can to aid and abet you in your search for cooking glory by not only providing recipes perfectly paired with our wines but by providing recipes created by some of Napa Valley’s top chefs. Ever heard of Cindy Pawlcyn? I will wait while you Google her. Done? Now you are impressed, right? Told you!

Many wineries offer wine clubs that to some degree offer the same things. But I would like to suggest, in no modest terms (mostly because I never learned any modest terms), that we do it better. I have been running our wine club now for over eight years and my commitment to making this the best wine club you can join is stronger than ever. From our events, to our wine and our recipes, we provide the perfect combination for your wining and dining needs. Just ask me! No seriously, feel free to email me for more information – – I look forward to hearing from you.

Bryan Gray, Direct Sales and Marketing Manager, St. Supery

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