Grapes and Rain

by St. Supery on October 6, 2011

Cabernet Grapes, Dollarhide

I had a chance to have a quick chat with our winemaker today, Michael Scholz, about harvest and rain. He was quite happy to report that all of our whites are in and “in a good place”. Normally when you say something or someone is “in a good place” that means they have shuffled off some sort of coil–usually the mortal kind–but in this case, it is a very nice thing indeed, and it brings the promise of outstanding white wines for 2011.

Most of our reds, however, remain on the vine. They are safe for now, as you can see from this shot of a nice and happy cluster of cabernet grapes, but Michael really wants to see some warm and dry weather for the rest of October.

I was expecting some doom and gloom from him but he was positive (as always!) and seemed quite confident that this year was going to be good, no matter what. But, give us some dry warm weather for the next couple of weeks and he believes it could be extraordinary. Sugars are looking great, but he would like to see some more ripening in terms of both flavor and tannin development. Lots of rain can dilute these important components as the vines take up extra water, but a little rain also makes the vines happy, so right now everything is brilliant.

But keep sending us good luck and positive, non-rain vibes!

  • Barbara | Creative Culinary

    I’ll send you the good vibes and ask that any rain with any intention of falling out west get it’s butt over to Colorado. We both win!

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