St. Supéry Life

Art & Wine

For the ancient Greeks, wine came to life through the god Dionysos. They vividly portrayed him in their art. Wine was so important to the Ancient Greeks that more than half of all the vessels they used each day were related to the pleasure of wine drinking.

Over the centuries wine has been a source of inspiration by diverse artists and a symbol of celebration through all forms of art, painting, sculpture, literature and music. That inspiration has been seen over the centuries.

Today, wine in art is very much alive. Labels are often a venue for art. St Supéry Élu and Virtù labels are great examples. The original artwork is available for viewing in the Winery Gallery above the tasting room.
The winery gallery exhibit, which changes monthly, is a great place to view art while sipping wine. During the month of February 2007 you can admire the Mustard Festival Art show.