St. Supéry Life

The Best of Napa
Try a few or try them all – Our suggestions for Napa Valley

  • Best burger: Taylor’s Refresher, St. Helena & Red Rock Café in Napa
  • Best duck burger: Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, St. Helena
  • Best local brewery: Silverado Brewing Company, Hwy 29, St. Helena
  • Best beer store: Nicola’s Deli, Calistoga
  • Best place to shop for wedding presents: Vanderbilt, St. Helena
  • Best children’s clothing: Freckles in St. Helena
  • Best shoes: Footcandy, St. Helena
  • Best fudge: Candy Cellar, Calistoga
  • Best macaroons: Model Bakery, St. Helena
  • Best hair salon: Lefever, St. Helena
  • Best cinema: Cameo, St. Helena
  • Best late-night gathering & dining: Bouchon, Yountville
  • Best vintage clothing: Lolo’s, St. Helena and Napa & Betty’s Girl in Napa
  • Best home furnishings/trinkets: M on Main Street, St. Helena
  • Best stationery: Pennyweight, St. Helena
  • Best denim selection: “26” in Napa & St. Helena
  • Best kitchen supply store: Shackford’s, Napa
  • Best place to start your own vineyard: Herrick Grapevines, St. Helena
  • Best place to rent a Harley: Nieman’s motorcycle rentals, St. Helena
  • Best place to sit & read with a cup of coffee: Sweetie Pies, Napa & Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company, St. Helena
  • Best ribs: Red Rock Café in Napa & Buster’s in Calistoga
  • Best place to buy fresh caviar: Dean & Deluca, St. Helena
  • Best sandwich: Guigni’s (pronounced joonies), St. Helena & Genova Deli on Trancas in Napa
  • Best quesadilla: Azteca Market, St. Helena
  • Best burrito: (authentic) La Luna Market, Rutherford; (gringo/gourmet) Villa Corona, St. Helena and Napa
  • Best fish taco: La Taquiza, Napa
  • Best pizza: Pizzeria Tra Vigna, St. Helena
  • Best French fries: Bistro Jeanty (duck fat), Yountville & Taylor’s Refresher (sweet potato with aioli) in St. Helena
  • Best live music/dancing: Hydro Bar, Calistoga
  • Best pool hall & draft beer selection: Bilco’s in Napa
  • Best dive bars:
    –Yountville: Panchas on Washington
    –St. Helena: Ana’s Cantina on Main St.
    –Calistoga: Suzie’s on Lincoln
  • Best riverside dining patio: Angèle, Napa
  • Best hot springs-fed swimming pool: Indian Springs in Calistoga
  • Best place to see a live crush in action: St. Supery Winery, Rutherford (shameless self-endorsement)