St. Supéry Life

Girls' Night IN Party
by Lesley Russell, GIRL (and St. Supéry employee for 9+ years)

What: Girls’ Night IN Party

Who: Your version of my group of twelve girlfriends from high school days (20 years ago).

When: Saturday night or whenever the families will allow

Why: Get together to talk (gossip and laugh), drink a little wine and eat savory snacks


  • First I like to gather CDs with music that reminds of us good times together (mid 80's party tunes, Madonna concerts and my favorite mood music (Latin).
  • Pull out photos of previous times together with your group – this inspires rehashing of funny old stories. Make sure to include some embarrassing ones to really get people laughing
  • I fill a galvanized steel bucket (purchased from local feed store, not fancy catalog) with ice and fill with a variety of white wine bottles (add sparkling and dry Rosé if you like). Set wine glasses nearby, as well as red wines for later.
  • Prepare a camera and have a couple disposables (with flash) for others to use (you develop).
  • Set out olives and salted snacks (nuts, savory crackers, chunks of aged cheeses) in small bowls or ramekins on the kitchen island (these parties inevitably gather in the kitchen) and platters with more substantial appetizers (recipes here) on a table to encourage foraging. Cocktail napkins (paper or linen) generally suffice
  • Set the mood with illumination by wrapping a large house plant in white tree lights, use candles and low wattage interior lights.
  • Clear a space for late night dancing around – move any breakables aside.
  • If weather permits, prepare an outdoor space with covered candles and an outdoor space heater or fire pit – nobody smokes in “real life,” but they may bring out a menthol or clove after a couple glasses of wine.
  • Not necessary, but we always do…prepare a small (inexpensive) gift for everyone to take home as a souvenir of the evening. Past gifts include corkscrews, copper turtles to stash in house plants and wine glass charms.