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Easy, Fun and Worthy Ways to Plan a Green Party

Planning a green event is creative, fun, often saves you money and the rewards are great. There are several areas where waste can be controlled and reduced.

Food and Service

Use fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients. Avoid canned and packaged food. Serve the beverages in containers such as glass pitchers, urns, reusable glass bottles. Use glassware as much as you can.

Serve condiments such as sugar, honey, catsup, mustard in ceramic containers rather than individual packets. Use metal spoons instead of wood stirrers

Use china plates as well as silverware. Not only will this bring the event up a notch; it shows that you care and drastically reduces the waste.

Look into the option of renting the dishes for a larger party. It might be a little more costly, but at least you save in cleaning up time and water.

If you must use plastic, choose the heavier-gauge plastic dishes that can be washed and reused.

Invitations, Set up and Decorations

The paper industry is the 3rd largest global warming emitter. Ask yourself; is your event informal enough to invite guests by telephone? Getting the word by email is also a great option now that everyone is connected.

Linen tablecloths and napkins are so much nicer not only to the eye but to the environment as well.

For the decorations, use potted plants inserted in beautiful ceramic containers for your centerpieces. Ideally, you would want low flowers so that you can see your friend's face across the table.

Flowers like pansies, impatients & petunias are all easy to find in small six packs at nurseries. Potted herbs are also a fun idea and edible too.

And The Last, but Not Least, Suggestion

Every one would agree, avoid Styrofoam.

Have a great GREEN summer!!!