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Creating a Printed Menu for Your Next Dinner Party

Providing a printed menu for your guests brings that extra special touch to your home dinner party. Menus make a great keepsake for your guests and serve as a reminder of the wonderful food and wine that was served.

Here are a few ideas on how to create a menu for that special event.

  • You can find menu card stock or use your own paper, or plain greeting card. Avoid using card stock or paper with glitter, as glitter and food do not go together well at all!
  • Any shape will do, but keep in mind that it needs to fit on a place setting without overcrowding the table. It could stand in front of the guest, be tucked into the napkin, or rolled and tied with a ribbon.
  • The menu should include some sort of a greeting on the top such as the names of the guest, the special occasion or the name of the person being honored.
  • The date of the event usually goes under the greeting.
  • List the food being served by courses in the order they will be served. It is not necessary to list every ingredient, but it is a good idea to list the main items in case someone is allergic.
  • If a different wine is served with each course, list it above or below each course.
  • If only one wine is served, list it at the bottom of the menu
  • The last mention is the name of the chef or the Host(s)