St. Supéry Life

Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is usually when we all want to enjoy the outdoors. Although outdoor eating tends to be more casual, why not jazz it up a little and make the experience more elegant with little or no effort.

Here are some ideas to upgrade the traditional outdoor setting and really impress your guests by creating a beautiful and relaxing yet elegant atmosphere.

  • A table cloth is a must. It will transform any patio table. Of course you could use the traditional red checker print, but why not use a beautiful table cloth that you might normally use indoor for your elegant dining. You will be surprised how gorgeous it becomes in the outside light.
  • Napkins should match the table cloth, unless you are going for an eclectic look by using all different napkins.
  • Printing a menu with your guest’s name is a nice touch. It also makes a great souvenir. Being outdoors, you might be challenged by the wind and the menus flying around. It is better to use heavy paper or insert the menu in the napkin. You can also use decorative paperweight, brushed aluminum fruits ….to hold napkins and menus down.
  • Of course, no plastic ware! Use your beautiful silverware and your china.
  • And the final touch, the jewel of the crown, the centerpiece. Choose cheery flowers, colors in harmony of the linen’s color or the theme.

Now that you have the basics for your table setting, you can always accessorize by adding candles for dinners, decorate the surroundings, dress up the chairs by adding cushions. A small table covered with a cloth on the side to store the water, wines or large items is handy, it also helps when clearing the table.
Happy Summer!