St. Supéry Life

How to Make Your Parties a Success

Here are a few tips and ideas to make your life easier when entertaining this year.

  • Instead of buying extra plates, flatware or glassware for that occasional large party, try renting it. Rental companies have a huge selection of items, they usually do not have a minimum order and their websites will also give you great décor ideas. Bonus, you do not have to do the dishes.
  • Try avoiding disposables, not only is it bad for the planet, it is much more expensive. Using real plates, linen and silverware is also much more pleasing to the eyes.
  • Plan your menu with recipes you can start ahead of time, or even the day before. Then you just need to warm them up or add the finishing touches on the day of the party.
  • Use fresh ingredients and produce that are in season. Not only are fruits and vegetables that are in season less expensive, they are also tastier and readily available.
  • Plan the invitations way ahead, this will give you a more accurate guest count and less last minute panic or stress.
  • If you have to purchase dinnerware, white is the winner. You can create any party theme or color around white and it is never out of fashion
  • Serve wine in glassware. Again, if you do not have enough wine glasses, you can rent a rack of stemware or borrow some extras from a friend.
  • Hire some help. Hospitality staff companies can provide a wide range of services. From one server to tend the bar to multiple servers for set up, service and break down. They also have cooks and dishwashers.
  • Make sure you have enough seating for all the guests. Keep in mind the space you have and the number of guests. If you can, indoor / outdoor spaces are ideal and comfortable for everyone.
  • Don't forget the wine! (St. Supéry, of course) Allow about a bottle of wine per 2-3 guests. Chill the white wine a few hours before the guests arrive and keep it on ice during the party. It is a good idea to open and taste the wine prior to the party to make sure there are no "off" bottles.

May this New Year be filled wth joy and good times with friends and family!