St. Supéry Life

It's Picnic Time!

There are many types of picnics. The practical picnic with food from the deli, the homemade food picnic, the gourmet picnic, just to name a few. But, no picnic is complete without a good bottle of wine.

Now, finding a good bottle of wine is easy, just look for the St. Supery label! The challenging part is to carry the bottle and the glassware in a safe way. Of course you can use plastic goblets but personally I really prefer my wine from a wine glass. The best way to carry wine and glassware safely for picnics is in a 4 or 6 pack bottle carrier, available at most wineries. Each bottle and glass is snug in its place and you can use the extra slots for other fragile items or things like, paper towel roll or a bottle opener If you do not have a bottle carrier, you can also look into glassware designed specifically for picnics on the ground or on the beach. The stem of those glasses do not have a base so you can just stick them in the ground or in the sand. However my favorite is the Riedel O glass line.  These are wonderful wine glasses without stems. They are very practical in windy areas, stable on the ground and mainly so pleasant to drink wine from.

Have a wonderful summer with good food and good wine!!