Wine and Cheese

Cheese is my favorite food item to pair with wine.  Both are products of a biological action in which simple foods (grape juice and milk) are transformed into wonderfully complex products (wine & cheese). The process is called fermentation.  Cheese making was originally a way of preserving summer’s bounty of protein so it could be consumed throughout the year. It was discovered that milk stored in containers made from goat and cow stomachs soon coagulated.  The enzymes present in the stomachs caused the separation of the solids (curds) and the liquid (whey).  Cheese making evolved from this primitive method into an art form.

Wine making probably started out by a happy accident also. At least 7000 years ago it was discovered that wild grapes would soon start to ferment after ripening.  The result (wine) not only kept longer than plain grape juice, but it was a lot more enjoyable to drink!

Some of my favorite wine and cheese pairings include fresh goat cheese with sauvignon blanc, aged sheep’s milk cheese such as Manchego with St. Supery Virtú, and cave aged Gruyere, Parmesan Reggianno and dry jack cheeses with cabernet sauvignon or St. Supéry Elú

Please join us at the winery to explore the wonders of wine and cheese at one of our tasting seminars.  

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