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What a Difference a Glass Makes

A visitor once told me that he was wondering why more and more wineries were using Riedel stemware.

Well, it is for a good reason. Winemakers and wineries have made the comparison and found that Riedel glasses do make a difference.

From an esthetic point of view they have a beautiful, elegant and refined look about them. From a taste point of view they are amazing.

Riedel stem wares are designed with wine varietals (type of grapes) in mind. The Bordeaux style for example was created to bring out the best in the Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot. Riedel came up with the different shapes by tasting wine with winemakers and other experts in the various wine growing regions. After they all agreed on what shape showed what varietal best, the glass was born.

Because the bowl of these glasses are usually larger than average, it is best if you do not fill up the glass more than 20%. That way the wine shows better and you can actually swirl the wine and enjoy the wonderful aromas.

We invite you to experience the difference that Riedel stemware can make, by taking part in our Riedel comparative tasting. Click here for more information.