St. Supéry Life

Tips on Serving Wine at Home

Choose the best glassware you have.  Personally, I love *Riedel stemware.

For dinner or lunch with multiple courses it’s fun to serve a different wine for each course. A white and a red is a great way to go as it is sure to please everyone.  Be sure to use a different glass for each wine and don’t forget to provide water glasses also.

Here are a few tips that will save you from any last minute stress:

  • Plan ahead on how much wine you will need. A 750ml bottle serves about 4 – 5 guests
  • Bring your wine to the right temperature. 50 – 58 degrees F for the whites and about 65 - 68 degrees F for the reds
  • Use drop stops - those little gadgets cost little and will save your table cloth and you guest’s beautiful silk blouse!
  • Taste the wine before pouring it to the guests. Once in a while a faulty wine will sneak up on you and once you pour a “corked” wine into a glass you have tainted the glass. The only way to get rid of the pesky smell is to wash it.


*For more information on how you can experience the Riedel difference, please consider our Riedel Glass Tasting event at the winery.