Suong Yangchareon Exhibition



Open daily 10 am-5 pm

"For most of the past 25 years, I have painted the urban landscapes of California, especially Los Angeles.  During the last 10 of those years, the focus gradually shifted towards finding and painting vanishing movie theaters.  Along the road to these destinations, I've discovered more surprises that inspired me, from grain elevators to truck convoys.  These subjects eventually became an integral part of my work.

All of what I saw along the road in California reminded me of my hometown.  I now realize that I had been painting scenes similar to those I experienced while growing up in Lampang, Thailand.

I love all aspects of painting itself, from the physicality to the direct observation.  For more than 45 years, the works of Edward Hopper, Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud have had a great influence on my life.  It was their direct relation to their respective environments that taught me how to see.  Painting pictures is my life, and I am simply grateful to be living and doing this in Los Angeles, my "new" hometown as of 1974."

-Suong Yangchareon