Domaine de lIle Rosé

Announcing: Domaine de l’Ile Rosé from Provence

When you set foot on the island of Porquerolles off the southern coast of France, you forget to put your shoes back on. Perhaps it is because you never quite leave the sea behind as it is always there, mingled with each gust of air and each waft of scrubland. St. Supéry is proud to be the exclusive importer of Domaine de l’Ile Rosé. Find it near you here or on

Porquerolles, A World Apart

This paradise island was acquired by François-Joseph Fournier in 1910 and given as a wedding gift to his beautiful young wife, Sylvia. Under their visionary and watchful eye, the island affirmed its agricultural character as vines were planted on its gentle slopes. In 1957, the island was divided up between the four Fournier daughters with each one receiving a plain. Three of them progressively sold their inheritance to the French Government, but Lélia le Ber, born Fournier, fought to keep her land and replanted vines on the Brégançonnet plain. She passed on the estate to her son, Sébastien Le Ber, who perpetuated the family business and developed the vineyard that is symbolic of the island. 2019, after many fulfilling years as a wine producer and a sailor, Sébastien entrusted this heritage to CHANEL, thereby opening a new chapter in the story of Domaine de l’Ile.

The Island Expression of Provence

The Domaine sits in a remote part of the island where the vines and olive trees are protected from the salty bite of the sea and the scorching winds. Bathed in light, the vineyards draw their signature from the soil iridescent with clay-schist, on which the cool nights lay droplets of dew. Today, there are just over thirty hectares of vineyards. Domaine de l’Ile Rosé is born here, between the land and the sea. The carefully-selected traditional Mediterranean grape varieties express the distinctiveness of their location and all contribute to the final blend of this serious, stunning wine. The Grenache, which thrives in dry, stony soils, resisting the wind and plump with sunshine, brings generosity to the wine blend, a reminder of the island’s gentle pace of life. The Mourvèdre adds character and spice. Cinsault combines with the freshness and crunchiness of the Syrah. As for the Tibouren, an authentic Provençal varietal, it is, of course, at home here, revealing its nobility in the schist soils.

A preserved natural treasure

The unique character of the Island of Porquerolles extends well beyond its history and that of the wine estate. The land and sea are protected, listed areas. The purpose of the Parc National de Port Cros, created in 1963, is to protect the local natural and cultural heritage and landscapes. Lying in the heart of the park, as well as in other areas attached to it, Domaine de l’Ile will continue to ensure that its activity is fully aligned with this quest to preserve biodiversity, by managing its vineyards in an agro-ecological manner. Thanks to Sébastien Le Ber’s hard work, the vineyards have been certified organic since 2015. In this extraordinary natural setting, Domaine de l’Ile aims to ensure that the wine estate continues to take an environmentally-friendly and eco-responsible approach, but also to support local policy and initiatives relating to ecology and the preservation of the local area.

Winemaker Extraordinare, Nicolas Audebert

Winemaker Nicolas Audebert has been managing CHANEL’s wine estates since 2015. With the Gironde river providing a common link, our châteaux, Rauzan-Ségla, Canon and Berliquet, form a bond between the gravel hillocks of Margaux and the clay-limestone plateau of Saint-Emilion. Drawing on his experience in Champagne and Argentina, Nicolas is pouring all his energy into demonstrating his deeply-held belief: that excellence in fine wines comes from the revelation of a unique terroir and precision work in both the vineyards and the winery. Born in Toulon, the son of a naval officer, Nicolas grew up with one foot on the land and the other on a boat… Often anchored at Porquerolles. Thus, familiar with the natural landscape and very special atmosphere of this island since childhood, he is excited to be taking over the management of Domaine de l’Ile today. “I am aware of how fortunate I am that such a project was entrusted to me. Shale source rock, saline tension, the freshness of the sea, Mediterranean dew brushed by the mistral, the symbiosis between the vineyard and the island’s vegetation… The environment of the Domaine de l’Ile is unique and its history is extraordinary.” Read more about Nicolas’ thoughts on rosé and life on Porquerolles here.

2020 Domaine de l'Ile Provence Rosé

2020 was a relatively warm and humid year. These weather conditions, along with rigorous pruning, careful attention in the vineyard led to high quality fruit. The harvest began on August 20th bringing targeted, fresh juice with a great tension.

The bright and clear color of Domaine de l’Ile Rosé 2020 conjures up gentle summer days and is intended to pay homage to the special light that bathes the place. The first notes of juicy, thirst-quenching melon mingle with fresh fruits picked from the tree and misty notes of white flowers. On the palate, the wine reveals its fullness and its saline touches. This is an airy, vibrant rosé that evokes the light and serenity of the island.

St. Supéry is proud to be the exclusive importer of Domaine de l’Ile Rosé. Find it near you here or on

May 21, 2021

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