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Martin Christiansen

Petaluma People Services Center Bounty Farm

Petaluma, CA

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Martin has been lending his considerable skills to Petaluma People Services for more than a dozen years as a volunteer for the Petaluma Bounty Community Farm. In 2007, he helped transform a long-vacant urban property near downtown Petaluma into a beautiful and inspiring three-acre farm. Along with growing 12,000 pounds of produce each year for low-income families and seniors who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford locally grown food, the farm cultivates practical skills and understanding of sustainable agriculture’s role in a healthy food system.

As one of his first projects, Martin helped plant a one-acre fruit tree orchard on the farm that now includes 74 healthy trees. He tends to the orchard to this day, nurturing the trees in his humble way. Martin lives by the philosophy that by volunteering, you are not only doing great things for your community, you are enriching your own life.

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