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Kerry McConnell

White Rock Dog Rescue

Dallas, TX

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Kerry McConnell loves dogs and found a local dog rescue where she lives in Dallas to help support. Clay and Lilia Hollis started the White Rock Dog Rescue because people kept abandoning dogs at the Lake at White Rock where they live and they couldn’t bear not to help them all. They get the animals veterinary care, often at their own expense, training, and get them fostered while waiting on a forever home. That’s where Kerry comes in. Kerry started fostering abandoned dogs during Covid and has helped more than 10 dogs since. They have chewed every pillow and piece of furniture in her home but she loves helping them and seeing them find a forever home. Kerry wants to help Clay and Lilia even more. They need lots of volunteers and donations to keep up the great work. It makes all the difference in the life of an animal!

Kerry is seen here with Lilly, a lab mix, who she fostered and then couldn’t give up!! Other places I volunteer:

Pet Haven

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