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Dan Bodner

Quick Haven Transitional Shelters

Rohnert Park, California

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Dan Bodner builds homeless shelters for people transitioning and struggling to find a home. These people not only struggle with homelessness, they also struggle with violence and other complications that stem from being unsheltered. QuickHaven offers them the opportunity to find a home and stay safe. Through QuickHaven, they also hire the unsheltered as employees to give them not only a home, but also the opportunity to work and support others who went through the same situation they did. Giving them a shot at a better life and offering the same shot to those they will help through their hard work. This project started with an idea and inspiration. With a desktop mockup to demonstrate, Dan began meeting with stakeholders from many different disciplines including ad hoc meetings on sidewalks with people experiencing homelessness. A larger mockup was constructed later in Dan’s garage. Now, QuickHaven provides homes and opportunities for those who need it most. Other places I volunteer:

Volunteer and partner to Homeless Action Sonoma.

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