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From Napa To San Francisco: Post-Covid Recovery Strategy Courts Cultural Tourism

Stephan Rabimov
December 30, 2021

From Napa To San Francisco: Post-Covid Recovery Strategy Courts Cultural Tourism


One of the dramatic aspects of the pandemic’s impact on hospitality-oriented local economies was the substantial if not near total loss of international travelers. I have been following Napa Valley creative business community closely for a few years. Through the ups and downs of wavering consumer confidence, devastating wildfires, and extensive coronavirus measures, the winemakers, restauranteurs, and artisans demonstrated inspiring resiliency and ingenuity in adapting to continue doing what they love – welcoming guests from all walks of life. As the sector rebounds driven by domestic tourism, their latest notable efforts focus on fine arts. Visitors can enjoy a brilliant off-season Bay Area and Napa Valley weekend getaway re-discovering the power of three types of art (photography, sculpture, and fashion) in luxury settings that celebrate culture, wine, and wellness.

St. Supéry Estate

The award-winning St. Supéry Estate is a Napa Valley wine and hospitality industry leader with a commitment to sustainability and community building. Their picturesque vineyards and delightful wines delight visitors year-round. Recently, the estate has commissioned an exhibition Everyday Heroes curated by Virgie Giles Foundation partners Topher Delaney and Calvin Chin. It features 24 black-and-white portraits shot by eight local photographers. The subjects are great volunteers in the fields of mental health, food security, animal rescue and other vital areas of community wellness. The onsite gallery features three more photography exhibitions focused on Northern Californian nature. Photographer Keith Blodgett explores the Edge of the Pacific and the surrounding environments. President of Napa Wildlife, award-winning lensman John Comisky, presents his stunning color photographs of indigenous wildlife. Photographer Sally Seymour showcases dramatic portraits of fruits harvested locally from the orchards at Dollarhide Ranch. This is bound to whet your appetite.

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December 30, 2021

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