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Tips from the St. Supéry Estate Garden

Know your growing zone before planting, this will impact your seeding schedule!!

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USDA Plat Hardiness Map

In Your Seed Packet


In this packet, you will find three different varieties: Trilogy Purple Mix, Green and Yellow Bush Beans.

Basil Blend

This packet contains Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix.  Includes: green oakleaf, red oakleaf, green romaine, red romaine, lollo rossa, and red leaf.


Edible Flowers

This packet contains Borage. A beautiful array of edible leaves and flowers that give off a cucumber/honey flavor!


Planting instructions: Soaking beans in a cup of water overnight before sowing will help germination, but not necessary. Direct seed when daytime soil temperatures exceed 60 degrees °F, 1” deep. Bush bean variety, no trellis needed. 55 days until the first harvest. Pick beans often for continual harvest.


Depth: 1”  Sun: 6-8 hrs  Spacing: 2”  Sprout:7-14 days  Temp: 70-90 °F


Planting tip: Incorporate crop rotation in your garden! Beans are nitrogen fixers, which means they release nitrogen in the soil during their growth. After your summer bean crop, plant brassicas: (Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Kale, and Mustard greens) in the same spot. Brassicas are heavy nitrogen feeders and will grow stronger/larger if the soil is already boosted from the beans. This means less fertilizing work for you!


Planting instructions: Direct sow ¼” deep, when soil temps are above 65 °F. 2-3 seeds per inch, pat soil over the top after sowing. Keep soil regularly moist if your climate has hot summers. When basil is fully formed, harvest the flowers (bolts) before basil. Cut the entire plant 4”-6” above the ground to promote new growth. Harvesting in cool morning temps prevents the basil from wilting.  


Depth: ¼”  Sun: 6-8 hrs  Spacing:4-8”  Sprout: 5-10 days Temp: 65-80 °F


Planting tip: Don’t have garden space? Basil can thrive on top of a kitchen window sill! Direct sow 1-2 seeds in a 6-inch pot inside, keep your soil moist, then place a plastic sandwich bag over the pot. This will act as a humidity dome to help the seed germinate. Once the seed sprouts, remove the bag. Make sure the pot is in a spot with the largest amount of sunlight. Then enjoy your kitchen basil!


Planting Instructions: Direct sow recommended. Direct sow ½”-¼” deep, after the last frost date. Plants should be 12” apart. Plants don’t need rich soil, and will get to 18-30” tall. The growing period is 50-60 days. Harvest continually for more blooms. Borage will self-sow in the future, keep this in mind when picking your area to direct sow. 


Depth:¼”-½”  Sun: 6-8 hrs  Spacing:12”  Sprout: 5-10 days  Temp:70-80 °F

Planting tip: Borage, basil, and beans are all great companion plants! One of the most famous is the three sisters: corn, beans, and squash. Beans provide nitrogen for the corn to grow, the corn acts as a bean trellis, and the squash acts as a ground cover to keep moisture in the soil and suppress weeds. This concept is used with a variety of different plants! Borage is specifically a great companion for melons and squash, because of the abundant flowers it produces for pollinators. Basil is also known as a repellent of the tomato hornworm. Try interplanting companions this spring!

Companion Planting Tips: An Infographic

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