Planting and Caring for your Tomatoes

Plant when night temperatures are consistently above 45˚ F. Transplant tomatoes deep enough leaving the first set of true leaves just above the surface, the deeper the better. You may transplant the tomatoes directly into the ground still in the peat pot because the pot will biodegrade into the soil. The spacing should be 2-3 feet apart from other tomatoes. Water deeply the first few days, 2 inches a week for the growing season. Watering even more on very hot days.

~71 days until maturity aka the first harvest.

Extra tip: tomatoes have many companion plants! All of these plants either help keep critters away or invigorate tomatoes: lettuce, basil, parsley, dill, thyme, spinach, carrots, radishes, peppers, borage, celery, onions, melons, and beans.

You can find basil, beans, and borage in this year’s seed packets!

For Container Growers:
Fill a 24 inch diameter container with compost and high-quality potting mix. Water mix well so it settles, then transplant your seedling with the same instructions mentioned above. Keep in full sun. If transplanting in a container outside when temperatures are not consistently above 45˚F at night, then bring your container inside at night. Follow the fertilizing instructions below. Also, supply a tomato cage or trellis of your choice. Prune twice as much as you would in a large bed, to keep plants at a manageable size. Fruit yield will decrease unless properly pruned.

March 21, 2023

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