Captain’s Tavern Citrus Glazed Branzino

Recipe Courtesy of Captain’s Tavern Restaurant & Seafood Market | Miami, FL

Serves 4

Citrus Glaze

4 oz. sweet orange marmalade
2 oz. white vinegar
6 oz. orange juice
1 oz. fish sauce
1 oz. crushed garlic
4 oz. sweet chili sauce
Pinch of crushed red pepper
Pinch of salt


4 Branzino Fillets about (5-8 oz. each)
All-Purpose Flour for dredging fillets
Salt & pepper or all seasoning
2 -3 Cups of Fish or Chicken Stock/Broth


Mixed Vegetables (Recommend using frozen Mixed Vegetables)
Crushed garlic


Step 1:

Combine all ingredients to make Citrus Glaze
Whisk together and set aside.

Step 2:

Dredge fish in flour until lightly coated
Heat a light cooking oil over medium heat
Add fish to hot pan and saute for 2 minutes per side
Drain any excess Oil from pan
Add Stock to pan with cooked fish
Raise heat to medium-high and bring the stock up to a simmer
Add the Citrus Glaze and simmer 2-3 minutes until sauce thickens slightly.

Step 3:

While the Sauce is thickening heat oil in a separate pan and add the mixed vegetables and the crushed garlic
Saute until vegetables are hot and crisp.

Step 4:

Place cooked vegetables on plate or bowl
Place cooked Branzino filets on top
Pour Citrus glaze over fish and vegetables.

Wine Pairing: Dollarhide Estate Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

Pairs nicely with

Dollarhide Estate Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

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