Herb Roasted Mushrooms, Potatoes en Papillote

Recipe Courtesy of Estate Chef Tod Kawachi


½ lb Yukon Gold Potatoes
1 lb Mushrooms –Trumpet Royale or assorted
1 Tbl Shallots, chopped
4 Tbl Butter, melted
1 sprig Thyme fresh
1 sprig Tarragon fresh
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
Parchment Paper


Par bake washed potatoes in 375°F oven until tender, set aside to cool, then slice into rounds. Fold a 12 x  16 parchment paper in half short crosswise, open the top flap and brush the base with melted butter. Place the potato slices in the middle of the paper base, season with salt, black pepper, and brush with butter. Arrange the mushrooms on top of the potatoes, scatter the shallots all over, season with salt, black pepper and brush with butter. Pick the fresh herb leaves off of the sprigs and sprinkle over the mushrooms.

Fold the top flap down to meet the bottom edge, and starting at the left side, make a small ½ inch crease folds inward every 2 inches to create a crimped seal. Try to leave an air bubble gap inside. Once sealed, brush the top of the paper pouch with butter and bake in a 400°F oven for 12 minutes. Remove once browned and cut open the seal, and fold the top paperback to enjoy.

Enjoy with St. Supéry Napa Valley Estate Élu


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