Humboldt Fog Brulee

Recipe Courtesy of Cypress Grove


Humboldt Fog (Mini or slice)
Turbinado sugar
Equipment: culinary blowtorch or broiler


1. Start by slicing off the top rind of the wheel.

Not using a wheel? Cut a piece of whichever cheese you’re using. You’ll want some exposed paste.

2. Sprinkle a thin layer of sugar over the paste.

Raw sugar works best, but use what you have on hand!

3. Torch it.

Using a culinary blowtorch, heat the sugar until you have a golden brown, crunchy crust. Keep that torch moving so the sugar doesn’t scorch. No torch? No problem. Broil it in the oven — but keep a close eye on it.

4. Bust out the crackers, bread, fruit, spoons — whatever your heart desires.

Prepare to be treated like a rockstar.

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