Poinsettia Punch

St. Supery Shaken & Stirred

Single Serving

– 1/2-cup AJD Spirit of St. Supéry Brandy
– 1-btl Spirit of St. Supéry AJD Cider
– 1-cup pommegranate juice
– 1-cup cranberry juice
– Juice of 1 large orange, fresh squeezed
– Fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage) Fresh cranberries
– Pommegranate seeds
– Orange slices
– punch bowl with ice ring (see below)

Punch Bowl Ice Ring
measuring cup with a pour spout
1/2-cup limeade
1/2-cup apple juice
water to fill
rosemary, thyme, sage, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, orange slices

Silicone Bundt mold


1. Combine the limeade and apple juice in spouted cup; chill until needed
2. Place silicon bundt mold onto a flat tray (for ease of transport to freezer)
3. Add 2-3 cranberries and 3-4 pomegranate seeds in each Bundt mound
4. Sprinkle your choice of herb leaves throughout the mold
5. Layout the orange slices in an overlapping pattern around the Bundt hole
6. Slowly pour chilled limeade-apple juice combination over loaded mold
7. Fill the remainder of the mold with cold water, leaving about ¼-inch at top
8. Freeze until completely solid and remove from mold just prior to service.


1.Combine brandy and all juices in punch bowl
2.Stir well to combine and keep chilled until ready to serve
3.When ready to serve, stir briefly, add cranberries, pomegranate seed, and orange slices to punch
4.Carefully add ice ring to punch bowl
5.Ladle punch into glass, filling ¾ of the way full
6.Top off with Spirit of St. Supéry AJD Cider to fill glass
7.Garnish with your choice of herbs

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