Reverse Seared Filet Mignon with Red Wine Compound Butter and Blue Cheese

Recipe courtesy of Estate Culinary Team


2 Black Angus Beef Filet Mignon
2 ounces red wine compound butter (click for recipe)
Black pepper, freshly ground
Salt to taste
2 sprigs fresh thyme
1 garlic clove
2 tablespoons whole butter
1 teaspoon oil
Blue Cheese


Pat dry the steaks, season evenly with salt on both sides, and refrigerate uncovered for 4-24 hours. Remove the steaks and allow them to reach room temperature (about 30 minutes). Preheat oven to 250° F and place steaks on a baking sheet. When oven reaches full temperature, place steaks in the oven. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 120° F for medium-rare final doneness, anywhere from 25-45 minutes depending on steak thickness. Use a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest center part of the meat to judge the internal temperature.

Next, season your steaks with freshly ground black pepper and preheat a cast iron pan til it smokes hot. Add oil to the hot pan and place your steak to brown the first side. Add the garlic clove, thyme, and butter, basting the steaks with melted butter using a spoon. Flip steaks to sear the other side evenly while continuing to baste.

Once both sides are evenly browned (about 1 minute per side), remove the steaks to a rack, top with your red wine compound butter and blue cheese, and allow butter to melt as the steaks rest for a minute.

This method of reverse searing steaks is a bit more time consuming, but if you plan ahead, it works well for juiciness and even doneness cooking control. The red wine compound butter can be made in advance and kept refrigerated or frozen on hand. Enjoy with St. Supéry Cabernet Sauvignon!

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