St Supéry Red Wine Braised Beef Shortribs

Recipe Courtesy of Estate Chef Tod Kawachi


3 Lbs Beef Shortribs, 2” cut
2 C St. Supéry Red Wine
4 C Beef Broth or Stock
1 ea Onion, ½ “ cubes
1 ea Carrot, ½ “ cubes
8 ea Mushrooms
2 Tbl Tomato Paste
Herbs-1 Bay leaf, 1 Thyme sprig, 1 Rosemary sprig
Black Pepper
2 Tbl Olive oil


Preheat oven to 300f. Pat dry and liberally season the short ribs evenly on all sides with salt and fresh ground black pepper. Allow them to sit for 30-60 minutes while preparing the vegetables.

Use paper towels to pat the short ribs dry. In a Dutch oven or braising pan over medium high heat, add the olive oil and sear each side of the beef short ribs until brown, then remove from the pan and set aside. Next add in the onions, mushrooms and carrots to brown and caramelize for about 5 minutes. Then turn the heat down to low and mix in the tomato paste, stirring to coat the vegetables. Cook until the color deepens to a dark brick red then add in the St. Supéry red wine and simmer until reduced by 2/3.

Next add the beef broth, herbs and the browned shortribs and bring up to a gentle simmer being careful not to boil. The liquid should come up to halfway up the sides of the beef. Add a pinch of salt and pepper then cover the pan and place in the oven to braise low and slow. After 1 ½ hours turn the short ribs over to cook in liquid evenly and continue to braise for altogether about 3 hours or until tender. Test for doneness by inserting a fork which should slide out easily with little resistance. Once tender, remove the short ribs and cover to keep warm while degreasing and adjusting the seasoning of the braising sauce. You may strain out the vegetables and herbs then place the shortribs back into the finished sauce and serve.

Pair with St. Supéry Dollarhide Estate Vineyard Elevation

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