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If you’re tired of the same turkey year after year, change it up with a turducken! Those staunch traditionalists will get their turkey fix, but those who crave something a little different will get to sample some succulent duck and chicken as well. Given the vast amount of time and effort required to prepare a turducken from scratch, I can recommend a couple great places you can order one pre-made for your convenience. However, if you are truly committed and adventurous, here is the most informative and thorough recipe I have tried from Serious Eats. Give yourself plenty of time!

Wine Pairing: Napa Valley Estate Virtú and Élu

Napa Valley Estate Virtú is a classic pairing with turkey and chicken and is powerful enough to compliment the richness of the duck in your holiday Turducken. Élu is also a wonderful choice for red wine drinkers. It is a balanced and nuanced red blend that can stand up to the Turducken and and will pair nicely with your side dished including gravy and cranberries.

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A great wine to celebrate


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