Virtú Demi-Cured Broiled Cape Cod Fish In a Carrot Ginger Broth

Recipe Courtesy of Chef David Bruce | Rowe's Wharf Sea Grille | Boston, MA

Yield 4 Servings


4 ea.    Cod Fillets (5 ½ oz each)

1 ½ c. Virtú

1 tsp.   Salt

½ c.     Fish Stock

1 c.      Carrot Juice

1/8 c.   Ginger Juice

¼ c.     Coconut Milk

1 ea.    Stalk Lemon Grass

½ tsp.  Butter


In small pan, combine wine and salt, place cod on top.  Cure six hours in refrigerator, turn cod over and cure another six hours.  Remove fish, reserve liquid.

In sauce pot, combine cure plus all remaining ingredients.  Bring to boil and simmer, reduce by one half.  Heat nonstick pan and add oil, sear off fish to a golden brown on both sides, (if fish is thicker then finish with cover on). Place in bowl over Bok Choi or your choice of Asian inspired vegetables and ladle with broth.

Wine Pairing: Napa Valley Estate Virtú

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