Chef Tod Kawachi

Seafood Sustainability from Estate Chef Tod Kawachi in the St. Supery Kitchen

At St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery we are fully committed to the sustainability of our land, vineyards, estate property for now and into the future. It is only natural for me to want to use sustainable seafood in our kitchen when designing dishes to pair with our sustainable wines. I believe in our commitment to “doing the right thing” for our environment so the food we grow or source from oceans, rivers or ponds must be sustainable as well.

Just as we do for our estate Napa Green Certified Wines, solar power and water usage, the same can be applied to sustainable aquaculture.

The conscientious pride in the grapes we grow for our wines applies to the pride I take in our estate produce fruits, herbs and vegetables and also the local bay area seafood, meats and cheeses that go into my dishes for our guests.

Whether its long line caught wild King Salmon during the local season or Green Rated Farmed Salmon throughout the rest of the year or locally farmed oysters to show off our Estate Sauvignon Blanc. Farmed seafood has made great strides to improve their methods, quality and impact on the environment as they now have wonderful farmed examples such as Kauai Shrimp, Blue Ocean Mariculture Kanpachi and Ora King Salmon NZ. I follow the Seafood Watch recommendation guide and trust my local seafood supplier to ensure that my seafood is always the best choice whether wild or farmed.

I am doing my part to help ensure that there will be delicious seafood for the future generations of wine and seafood lovers.

I hope you partake in and enjoy our fun, delicious Great Sustainable Seafood Tour recipe competition while learning about sustainable seafood and how well they can be enjoyed with our St. Supery wines.

St. Supery Estate Chef Tod Kawachi

April 10, 2020

Categories: Inside St. Supéry

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