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The Top 3 Most Delicious Warm Peach Desserts

We are lucky to have over 80 varieties of peaches growing on our Dollarhide property. We see the first crop around June and you can still find some later-ripening varieties like Cresthaven and Summerset at your local farmers market into September. Try to find peaches that are heavy for their size because that’s usually a good indicator that the fruit will be juicy. If your peaches become over-ripe, don’t fret – they’re still a good candidate for baking. Any of these preparations would be a delightful match for our Napa Valley Estate Moscato with its fruit basket of flavors including exotic peach and nectarine with a hint of citrus orange peel.

  1. Roasted Peaches

Peaches are a sweet summertime treat – delicious on their own or with just a few added flavorings.  With a bit of heat from the oven or the grill, the natural sweet flavors morph to give roasted peaches a whole new dimension.  Serve the warm peaches with a dollop of rich, creamy mascarpone for an easy summer dessert. You could add tasty toppings if you choose, like crushed almonds or cookie toppings for a bit of textural crunch. We bet you will love this peach dessert all season long!

  1. Grilled Peaches

Grilled peaches are surprisingly simple to make. After the main meal is off the grill, set down some peaches in halves, cut side down to get the beautiful grill marks. They’re great accompanied by cold ice cream for an easy dessert or tossed with arugula and prosciutto for a gourmet side salad.

  1. Peach Crisp

A peach crisp is a perennial favorite. There are countless recipes out there but in our mind, a fresh peach crisp has two main components: the warm, gooey filling from tree-ripened fruit and a crispy, crunchy topping like oats or streusel.

September 23, 2020

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