Recipe Courtesy of Estate Chef Tod Kawachi



6 oz Broccolini

1 Tbl Corn Starch

2 oz Gold Potato

2 tsp Salt

1 ea Lemon, Charred

2 Tbl Za’atar spice mix

Dollop Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt

¼ C Olive oil

*Smoked Salt-optional


Slice lemon in half crosswise, pat dry and sear cut side down in a hot cast iron pan until the edge becomes charred and blackened. Remove from pan and set aside for later garnish.

Trim the ends off of the Broccolini, cut in half lengthwise and rinse under cold water then drain well. Place in a food processor and pulse on and off about 4-5 times until smaller strips and pieces. Transfer to a mixing bowl and add the cornstarch, salt and grate in the gold potato then mix well.

Pre heat a non-stick pan over low-medium heat, add olive oil and place a spoonful of the Broccolini mixture in and shape to a ½” thick 4” round circle cake shape. Allow them to brown and crisp up for about 2-3 minutes then flip over and repeat so both sides are deeply browned. Remove to drain on paper towels, then serve as an accompaniment to your dish or as a side vegetable/starch with a squeeze of charred lemon, dollop of sour cream, sprinkle of Za’atar spice and finishing salt.

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