Sheep at St. Supéry

Land & Viticulture

The Dollarhide property thrives with a diverse collection of flora and fauna including ducks, geese, cranes, egrets, jackrabbits, owls, bees, foxes, osprey, otters, bobcats and thousands of largemouth bass. Dollarhide is home to the majority of the vineyards and also to more than 1,200 heirloom fruit trees comprised of over 160 varieties; 87 peach, 34 nectarine, 20 apple, 12 plum and 16 Pluot. Bluebird and owl boxes can be found throughout their properties further encouraging a balanced ecosystem.

St. Supéry’s culinary garden has been flourishing for 10 years supporting the farm-to-table initiative. The fresh produce from the gardens and fruit from Dollarhide Ranch are incorporated into the food and wine pairings, as well as, available to neighbors and local restaurants.

Bees and Bee Keeper

Integrated Pest Management

Rutherford and Dollarhide vineyards are planted to cover crops between the vine rows, to harbor beneficial insects, compete with weeds, add essential nutrients to the soil and limit erosion. The leaf canopies are managed to host beneficials balancing the threat of pests. Integrated Pest Management is utilized throughout as an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to managing unwanted pests.

All organic solids from the winemaking process are composted back to the vineyard. Reduced and no till systems have increased, reducing emissions and preventing erosion. Additionally, St. Supéry’s carbon studies indicate both vineyard properties sequester +1400 metric tons/year.

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Solar Panels at St. Supéry

Water & Energy Efficiency

The winery water usage has reduced by 50% in the last 5 years and all process water is recycled. St. Supéry irrigates with captured rainfall and recycled water. The vineyard uses soil moisture probes to monitor soil moisture, as well as, pressure chamber readings to ensure sufficient water, without over watering. Most recently, St. Supéry’s solar arrays offset 94% of the winery’s energy bill. All winemaking, bottling and winery materials adhere to a strict purchasing policy. Glass purchases are sourced in North America and include recycled glass. Paper products average a minimum of 50% recyclable materials.

Everyday Heroes Event

People & Community

Within the immediate community and beyond, St. Supéry works to make a lasting difference and have deepened their community commitment.  Examples include the Celebration of Everyday Heroes, Napa Valley Community Foundation and direct charitable support, Giving Tuesday’s guest speakers and celebration of philanthropic entrepreneurs, public recognition of Sustainable Seafood advocates and the many philanthropies supported are making the world better. The philosophy is to approach each other with care and compassion, focusing on similarities and embracing differences, to help people and make our planet a better place. Through involvement and actions, people are empowered to consider how their choices can make an environmental and community impact, from recycling, composting or choosing sustainably sourced seafood or simply helping a neighbor.

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Employees drive our sustainability efforts with monthly our Green Team meetings to execute and follow through on initiatives. It is truly a team effort! Through strong leadership, training opportunities, professional growth and experience, our employees and organization continuously improves. St. Supéry strives to overcome inequities with fair and structured processes for hiring, management and development.

With each bottle sold of the 2020 St. Supéry Napa Valley Estate Sauvignon Blanc, $5 was donated directly to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund, committing to a contribution of more than $100,000. We recognize the need to replenish the fund as it continues offering community support.

Giving Tuesday Chats

Giving Tuesday Chats

St. Supéry CEO, Emma Swain hosted a five-part podcast recorded live each Tuesday in the month of November. Hear from philanthropic entrepreneurs that are disrupting (in a positive way) the way we tackle serious social issues of homelessness, education, social equity and mental health.

These sessions are free to join and at the perfect hour to grab a glass and toast to their innovative programs and creative fundraising efforts. Sip St. Supéry wines knowing that each six-bottle assortment provides $75 to your choice of featured organization.

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Napa Green Awards

Certifications & Recognition

St. Supéry’s sustainability is certified locally, regionally and nationally and continues to be recognized for their sustainable practices in all areas of the winery.

Napa Green Vineyard certified since 2008 and the winery certified since 2012. Napa Green requires regular recertification and continual measurable improvement. The program represents a soil-to-bottle approach to environmental stewardship and winemaking, integrating holistic management practices at every step of the process. Independent, third-party certification of farms and winemaking facilities are required along with demonstrated continual improvement year over year for recertification.

  • In 2024, achieved Silver Level Membership, International Wineries for Climate Action
  • Internationally recognized by Drinks Business Green Awards for the ethical company category
  • 2018 recipient of California Green Medal for the California Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Awards
  • Great Wine Capitals awarded the winery regionally and internationally for sustainable tourism practices.

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