Smoked tomato soup with chevre cream

Recipe Courtesy of St. Supéry Culinary Team


5lb ripe tomatoes

2 yellow onions

1 head of garlic

¼ cup olive oil, plus additional for blending


¼ cup cream

½ log of chevre

1 Bunch of chives

Smoked paprika


Process your tomatoes. If tomatoes are on the larger side, remove the stem and quarter. If they are cherry size or smaller, simply cut in half. Toss with olive oil, spread onto a baking sheet and place in a cold smoker at 120 degrees F for 30 minutes.

While the tomatoes smoke, julienne the onions and place in a pre-heated rondeau pan (or shallow pot) with olive oil. Sweat until they begin to color, add garlic, and cook two minutes longer. Be careful not to color the garlic. Add smoked tomatoes to the pan and cook for an additional 20 minutes at a low simmer. Remove from heat. To help retain acid and a fresh tomato taste, do not cook the mixture for too long.

While mixture is hot, blend until smooth, adding a tablespoon of olive oil to taste. Once blended, transfer to a clean pot and season with salt to taste.

To garnish, add cream and chevre to a small sauce pot and whisk gently until warm and smooth. Drizzle over soup and sprinkle with smoked paprika and chives.


Wine Pairing: Rutherford Estate Vineyard Merlot

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