Cover Crop

Sustainable Farming

All of St. Supéry Estate’s lands have been certified Napa Green since 2008. St. Supéry Estate employs sustainable farming practices on our estate vineyards including integrated pest management, composting, wildlife conservation and more.

In the vineyard

Canopy management, including active removal of leaves, shoots, and clusters, enabling us to regulate fruit exposure to obtain optimal flavors and colors, and enhancing the habitat for beneficial insects and enhancing airflow, reducing the need for spraying.

We compost our pomace—the seeds, skin, and stems leftover from the winemaking process—and use it to return organic matter to the soil in our vineyard.

100% of the water for irrigation at Dollarhide is captured rainfall, sourced from one of seven lakes on the property.

We use under vine mowers and discs for efficient weed control. By minimizing tillage, we have been able to improve soil microbial health.

Cover crops compete with unwanted weeds, decrease the risk of erosion on hillsides, provide a home to beneficial insects and add essential nutrients back into the soil.


The many bluebird and owl boxes installed throughout the vineyard encourage the habitation of bluebirds, which eat insects that are harmful to the grapevines, and owls, which eat gophers and other critters that can damage the vines.

Maintaining wildlife corridors and natural habitats delivers a balanced ecosystem and healthy vineyard. We regularly see a variety of animals including ducks, geese, cranes, egrets, jackrabbits, owls, bees, foxes, bald eagles, osprey, otters, and thousands of bass.

The 1200 heirloom fruit and olive trees planted at Dollarhide contribute to biodiversity and increase crop diversification. Over 190 different varieties of peach, plum, nectarine, pluots, apples and more support our winery experiences, farmers’ markets and local restaurants.

We are committed to producing the highest quality estate wines, without compromise. Through our commitment to sustainable winery and farming operations, we are protecting our land and environment for future generations.

April 9, 2021

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